4 forest
Tree planting service
What are we doing now and planning to do in the future?
- We plant trees in Siberia and Kazakhstan
- We are fighting against illegal logging
- We are slowing down destructive bills

We will lease the most important forests of the planet for long-term conservation of biodiversity.
In the next 5 years
We will extinguish fires on our own.
The immediate goal is to plant 90 thousand trees in the autumn of 2023 in Siberia and Kazakhstan
1% of the required amount has already been paid
Why is it necessary to act urgently?

Every second a piece of forest the size of a football field disappears in the world.

Forests prevent soil erosion, retain moisture, mitigate the effects of climate change and floods, and most importantly, they ensure the stability of the planet's eco-system.

We eat, drink and breathe thanks to the fact that biodiversity is still there. Oxygen extraction, water purification, pollination of plants – all this is part of a large system.

If forests are lost, it will be impossible to restore the former ecosystem. An ecological hell will begin in the world. Therefore, we need to act now.
How to plant trees?
You can pay for any number of trees
You will plant a whole forest!
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Get a monthly subscription
Each time we set more and more ambitious goals for the number of trees per season. In order to systematically fulfill these goals without an emergency regime right before planting, it will be more efficient to approach the required amount every month. Therefore, you can monthly help nature and us to go to the goal.
How does 4forest work?
You pay for the planting of trees
and leave your contacts
Download a certificate from telegram, which you can print, fill out and present as a gift or keep for yourself
После посадки деревьев, в нашей телеграмм группе вы увидите фото, видео отчет и точную локацию места
How to be involved?
The cost of 1 tree is 3$.
You can pay for any number of trees.
Video from spring tree planting
Frequent questions
The company's mission
The goal of the project is to provide people with the opportunity to pay for tree planting anywhere in the world in 2 clicks and at an affordable price.

It is important to make it economically profitable, then you can plant an unlimited number of trees around the world.

So the planting of the forest will become large-scale and will outstrip the deforestation in terms of pace.

If you want to thank me for my work,
you can support me with any details.

KASPI BANK: 4400 4302 7927 2477 (Aleksei Кozhevykh)
PRIVAT: 4731 1856 2659 7162 (Oleksandr Hurov)
PayPal: alex4planet@gmail.com (Viktor)
USDT (TRC20) TAes5RejWjuGWi9nWfZDgjxPqJtaagncHx

(The purchase of trees through banking details
is not carried out).

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